Using the Depot

The Environmental Depot is open for  All Maine resident household hazardous waste disposal. There is a $29.00 per "unit" fee. The Depot can accept cash or checks.  Checks must be payable to "AVCOG". A unit consists of 5 gallons of liquid, 20 pounds of solid waste, or a combination of liquid and solid waste.

Towns: If you would like to arrange a program with us for your residents, please call or email.  We can custom tailor an HHW program for you, whether a satellite collection in your town/region, or an account for your residents to bring materials in to the Depot.

Realtors - whether you are representing a buyer or seller, don't let household hazardous waste become an issue!  We can package and remove both household hazardous wastes and old oil tanks for less than traditional environmental contractors, making the process safe and simple for you and your clients. 


The Facility

The Depot is the first permanent household hazardous waste collection facility in Maine, open to all residents.  Maine residents can bring in HHW via pre-arranged accounts set up by towns or organizations, or by paying cash. 

The Depot evolved from several meetings between the Maine State Planning Office, Lewiston Solid Waste, the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments, and Environmental Projects, Inc. (the parent company to Maine Environmental Depot, LLC).  The City of Lewiston hosts the Depot at the Lewiston Solid Waste facility.  The physical plant was constructed using grant monies from the State Planning Office, and was built by AVCOG.  The actual assets of the Depot are owned by AVCOG and operating maintenance is performed by Environmental Projects, Inc.  EPI is also the operator of the Depot. 

The facility is enclosed inside an eight foot chainlink fence and is covered by a canopy roof.  The floor is made of a concrete slab with containment berms around all four sides.  A sump in one corner is designed to contain spilled liquids.  Several Haz-Stor fire-rated containment buildings are used to store partial and full containers of hazardous wastes.  Each Haz-Stor building has a built in sump feature that holds 110% of the volume of the containers for spill containment.  The final feature of the Depot is the shed, which contains supplies, a desk for the field chemists, and universal wastes such as batteries and mercury lamps.

Customers are waived into the facility containment one car at a time.  Each car is stopped and the resident stays in the vehicle.  A greeter will record the customer's name, license plate number, and address. The waste is unloaded and recorded on a waste slip.  Each customer is provided a copy of the slip, as it serves as both a payment receipt and a record of their HHW materials.