Items to Bring

Look for the words Caution, Warning, Danger, Poison, Corrosive, Toxic, Volatile, Flammable, or Combustible on the product label. When improperly discarded, these products can be a potential fire hazard, poison people, or can pollute the home and environment.

Commonly Accepted Items Items not Accepted
Kitchen Garage Miscellaneous  
Aluminum Cleaners Auto Body Repair Products Artist/Modeling Paints Radioactive Waste (smoke Detectors**)
Bug Sprays Transmission Fluid Chemistry Sets Biological/Infectious Waste
Drain Cleaners Battery Acid Dry Cleaning Solvents Compressed Gas Cylinders
Floor Cleaners Brake Fluid Fiberglass Epoxy Explosives/Ammunition
Furniture Polish Car Wax with Solvents Flea Spray  
Metal Polish Driveway Sealer Formalin/Formaldehyde  
Oven Cleaners Engine Degreaser Gun Cleaning Solvents  
Workshop Gasoline, Diesel, or Kerosene Hot Tub/Pool Chemicals  
Cutting Oil Roofing Tar Lighter Fluid  
Solvents Garden Moth Balls  
Solvent Based Glue Pesticides Photo Chemicals  
Oil Based Paint and Stain Herbacides Rubber Cement  
Brush Cleaners Fungicides Rug, Upholstery, and Spot Cleaners  
Paint Thinners and Strippers Rat Poison Mercury Containing Items  
Wood Preservatives Chemical Fertilizers with Pesticides    


** Smoke Detectors - Contain a small amount (2 microcuries) of Americium 241 and should be returned to the manufacturer for disposal OR brought to the Depot for $5.00 /EACH.

* Latex Paint - can be dried out and disposed of with household trash. Saw dust, kitty litter or speedy dry can be used to speed up drying. Some hardware stores sell a solidifying agent for this job.